Why knit?

Knitting aids empathy and realistic view on life. There is plenty of it in the market, but when you know how much work a piece of clothing costs, you cannot buy fast fashion for a penny and keep your integrity. Pay for what's worth preserving: fine ancient craft, uncompromised quality and personal contact with the makers.

We want it to be personal. One human physically making something for another human. In the case of our triangle scarf for instance, it’s one person using her hands and two sticks making tens of thousands fine loops for another person, who appreciates this effort enough to open his or her wallet and pay for it.

Our knitters are special kind of people, simply because they can knit. And by that means they link future generations to all those that are gone: a long line of men and women who could make clothes for themselves and for others. Our knitters are tradition-keepers.

Our clients dream about…

… comfortable knits allowing the air to circulate between the fabric and their skin.

… traveling light, taking their stylish, lightweight, yet warm, knits everywhere they go.

…knowing the name of the person who made it for them. Since it touches their skin they want it to be personal.

They want their clothes to be original without being overstated.

They want to be sure that their clothes reflect with thoughtfulness and integrity their respect towards people and nature.

Please note that

by buying our products you are helping to keep the tradition of manufacturing clothes entirely by hand alive.