Our philosophy

Out of respect towards our social and natural background, we make our clothes in a sustainable and ethical way, and strictly follow the fair trade rule. Each of our pieces has a story to tell. And it’s always a good one.

Inspiration and process

We wanted our products to be original without being overstated.

Our inspiration is life itself: shine of friendship, radiance of a beautiful face, brilliance of an idea, luster of elegance, sparkle of love, glitter in someone’s eyes, brightness of thought and glory of ancient craft.

For us the whole creative process, from an idea to the product, boils down to staying true to our sense of integrity the whole way. Therefore, we strive to make light in the generally gloomy fashion industry. Sounds simple enough. However, simple doesn’t mean easy. We believe in timeless style and practicality. We derive timeless style from tradition, while practicality is related to innovation. The nature gives us the sense of freedom and living in societies keeps us rooted in our culture. When combined in design, they result in sophisticated yet uncomplicated, life inspired and effortless style.

At BLASK we use:

  • exclusively man-power
  • no electric machines
  • crafty hands
  • patience and love
  • locally produced flax and wool
  • recycled materials
  • pre-consumer waste
  • rare materials from sustainable sources,
  • such as yak wool
  • bamboo, hemp, tencel